Virginie Aster


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Sous influences

Sonata for solo violin
by Virginie Aster 


The sonata for solo violin Sous influences has three movements:
I. With contrasts, II. With infinite tenderness, III. With a popular touch. With its reminiscences of folklore and of the popular music of Eastern Europe, this composition in which shadow and light clash to create a colorful and contrasting universe is accessible to level 3 pupils.

Duration: 10' 30

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"I find the composition of Virginie Aster simply wonderful. Sous Influences for solo violin that she wrote has a nice variety of different technical aspects as well as rich melodic colors and parts – it's a very well written composition and a very talented piece of music. I highly recommend this composition to be performed publicly by violinists as often as possible."
Alexander Markov, international concert violinist