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Musical sponsorship

Let us not forget that, more than ever, culture can pacify human relationships... and what better vector for that purpose, in these difficult times, than music, a universal language and language of the heart?

You can support the projects detailed below whether as an individual, a society, a company or a foundation.

Your support is welcome in a number of forms: financial support, support in kind or skill-based support.

Contact and further information: Association ArTransversal, Virginie Aster
33 (0)6 03 84 37 16

Eve Noire

for violin, African drums and video
Duration: 1h10

Eve Noire is a triple project comprising:

  • a musical film,
  • the onstage performance of the musical composition for violin and African drums plus video projections,
  • a choreographic creation.

The subject: Eve Noire is a musical and human experience, a trip to the furthest boundaries of classical and African music bringing us back to the very essence of our existence: the first human being.

A Western violinist, an African percussionist, video images evocative of the original Eve surrounded by an ancestral, tribal and dreamlike Africa...

Eve Noire is an experimental voyage combining music, light effects, scenic effects and video projections.

Eve Noire is a work which mingles the written tradition of the West with the oral poetry of Africa: the result is music which is simultaneously classical, contemporary, ethnic and fantastic.

La Montagne de l’Ame (Soul Mountain)

Chamber opera for reciter, soprano, mezzo soprano, baritone, bass, string quartet and drums
Duration: 1h30

La Montagne de l'Âme is an opera freely adapted from the eponymous novel by Chinese writer Gao Xingjian, 2000 Nobel Prize winner for literature. Éditions Points.

The subject: a man decides to flee the megalopolis in which he lives and crosses tracts of countryside, rivers and mountains in search of a site known as Soul Mountain. His chance encounters, the landscapes he crosses, the romances he experiences and the memories he recalls, all contribute to finding his interior Grail...

The project, the libretto for which is directly based on the novel by Gao Xingjian, has the author’s full and unreserved support.

Virginie Aster et Gao Xingjian

Virginie Aster and Gao Xingjian, Nobel Prize for Literature, author of La Montagne de l'Ame