Virginie Aster


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Instants photographiques

for solo viola
by Virginie Aster 


Each of the 15 short pieces comprising Instants photographiques for solo viola evokes a particular moment or other element of photographic art, bearing testimony to the bond between image and music.

With their variety of personalities, coloraturas, registers and styles of play, the melody and harmonious or rhythmic and percussive composition of these pieces occupy the foreground or recede into the distance, within a framework that is alternately strict or unbridled and the juxtaposition of which regularly reveals contrasting panoramic viewpoints. Except for the Overture and the pieces entitled Exposure and Resolution, each musician is free to choose which pieces to play and in which order, thereby providing a potential total of 479,001,600 combinations leaving each performer free to create his or her personal musical photographic imprint.

The piece is accessible to pupils completing level 2 or following level 3.

Duration about 10' env - Price €8.25 including VAT

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